Case Serialization System

The Case Serialization System is a simple solution for meeting the US Serialization Regulations at the Case / Shipper level. This machine interfaces with the Serialization software of your choice - to render and print a serialized Case label, and perform vision inspections. Using failsafe logic and full reject tracking and verification, any inspection failures or process anomalies are detected and rejected automatically.

The small footprint can be dropped into existing line layouts with little disruption.  It’s simple railing adjustments handle a wide range of Case Sizes, changing over in just seconds.

The standard machine is delivered with Allen Bradley hardware.  A full color HMI provides a visual representation of the cases as they flow through the machine, providing peace of mind, security, and important operator feedback as to the underlying serialization process. Alarm screen and I/O feedback screens provide details into the status of the machine.

As options -- a Case Taping unit, to facilitate a hand-packing operation by sealing the top and bottom of your cases prior to labeling -- and a powered exit conveyor, to deliver the finished cases to your hand palletizing operation.

The machine can be provided with a full Validation package adhering to each customer’s specific formatting - Functional/Design Specification and IQ/OQ Protocol.